From the words “Sentir” and “Sentido” came the concept of this project. From this union the definition of the two terms was matched to appeal into a new form of looking the city. "To feel Porto", "To feel the city" and to “Drive" anyone to the commercial spaces of the town.

The lack of tourist and commercial information of this kind in the city, created the desire to make an exhausting survey of everything there is to know and to explore in the city of the Porto, publicising all those places that pass unseen to a vast public.

Guia Sentido guides you, informs you, and takes you, to discover each zone, street and corner of the city, with several directions that specify where to find each space,  to know the schedules and see the pictures, translated in two languages, Portuguese and English.

The guides are a practical invitation to discover things that usually are not seen in any kind of touristic guide, promotion the traditional and authorial commerce very appellative, practical and efficient in its function.

This guide is a folded map in pocket size, format 66x33cm, folded in five and closing in one, showing a detailed map of downtown area: (Zone 1) Ribeira / Boavista, (Zone 2) Boavista/Foz/Matosinhos, both have a list of commercial spaces suggesting places to go, spaces to shop and have fun.

This guide is the most practical support to see what to do, where to go and to have fun. If you need a suggestion, take a look at guide or download it from this website and you will discover the city in a different point of view.


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