The proposal of this project was to create a guide, with modern, practical and functional design that translates an actual image of the cities, according to the real need of mobility in Oporto. With an iconography 3D of the most emblematic buildings of the city, for an easy and fast identification, we intend to translate with quality and precision its localization, letting to know the best experience of each user, opposing the basic majority of maps in the city.

Downtown and Seaside

With the segmentation of the city in two distinct Cultural and Commercial zones, zone 1- Downtown (Ribeira/Boavista), zone 2 - Seaside (Boavista/Foz/Matosinhos), is intended to foment a bigger approach with all the spaces, shortening distances and promoting walking tours in the city, valuing in small geographic zones all cultural and commercial offers, allowing to an adequate exploration of the city. Creating geographic zones of lesser dimension, it favors a bigger personal appropriation to each space, a deeper and sustainable knowledge of the historical and cultural facts of each zone, promoting the local commerce and stimulating shopping and the visit to all spaces.


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